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  • Madrid Hotels : Flights : Travel Packages
  • Madrid Hotels : Flights : Travel Packages
  • Madrid Hotels : Flights : Travel Packages

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Madrid ,  is the capital and largest city of Spain, as well as the capital of the autonomous community of the same name (Comunidad de Madrid). As of July 2005, the population of the city was 3,228,000 and the population of the metro area was 5,843,000. Madrid is best known for its great cultural and artistic heritage, a good example of which is the El Prado museum. Madrid also boasts some of the liveliest nightlife in the world.

Madrid Golden (art) Museum Triangle :
Museo del Prado Paseo de Prado Metro: Atocha or Banco de España : One of the finest art collections in the world and the best collection of classical art in Madrid. Includes many different collections: the Spanish (El Greco, Velazquez, and Goya), the Flemish and Dutch (Rubens, van Dyck, and Brueghel), Italian (Botticelli, Tintoretto Caravaggio, and Veronese) and German (Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, and Baldung Grien).
Some highlights not to miss at the Prado: The Bosch masterpiece ''The Garden of Earthly Delights'', The famous Velazquez piece ''Las Meninas'', The ''Black Paintings'' and ''The Third of May 1808'' by Goya, ''Adoration of the Shepards'' by El Greco, and ''David with the Head of Goliath'' by Caravaggio. Be sure to walk along ''Paseo del Prado'', a pedestrian walkway full of fountains and trees near the museum.

Other Museums :
National Archeology Museum Calle Serrano : This well designed museum houses an incredible collection of archaeological finds from across the peninsula. It leaves the visitor with a sense of the chronology of civilization in Spain (Iberian, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Visagoth, Arab, and into the modern age). The famous Dama de Elche, an Iberian (pre-Roman) fertility goddess statue, is in this museum. There are also a few pieces from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is currently undergoing renovations and is open with limited exhibits.
Museo de Lazaro Galdiano Calle Serrano This museum houses the stunning collection of Spanish entrepreneur José Lázaro Galdiano (1862-1947) and is considered to be one of the best private collections in Spain. Not only will you find works by Goya, Velázquez, El Greco and others, the museum is also filled with jewelry, furniture, sculpture and ceramics. This is an excellent museum that is usually not crowded and well worth the price of admission.
Real Academia de Bella Artes de San Fernando Calle Alcalá : Highly impressive art collection with paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. Several Goya masterpieces.

Museo de América Avenida Reyes Católicos : An excellent museum that many tourists miss. Houses thousands of artifacts from the Americas. The exhibit displays objects from many native cultures from before European conquest to colonial times and beyond. Don't miss the Tesoro (Treasure) de los Químbayas, a collection of gold objects that was given as a gift by the Colombian government. Also of interest is the Tudela Codex, an Aztec law book from the 1500's. Beware: most explanations to the objects on display are in Spanish only.
Museo de la Ciudad Museum of the City Calle Príncipe de Vergara :  it tells the city's history, since it was founded by the Arabs. There are models of some urban areas.
San Antonio de La Florida Hermitage : This small church is famous for its murals, painted by Goya. It's also the mausoleum of the painter.
Real Madrid Museum In Santiago Bernabeu Stadium showcases all the trophies of one of the most successful football clubs in the world.
Museo Sorolla General Martínez Campos :  This museum is in what was the impressionist painter's house and features fine furniture and porcelain as well as his paintings.

Madrid Places of Interest :
Palacio Real Calle Bailen Metro : The Palacio Real (Royal Palace) is an enormous palace, the biggest one in Europe in its kind, with scorching plains of concrete around it and the ''Real Armorial'' (Royal Armory), a two-story collection of medieval weapons and armor. Explanations in the armory are in spanish only, so do not expect to understand much unless your know spanish names for all that medieval stuff. In spite of its name, the palace is not the residence of the current royal family. The Royal Palace is considered to be one of the most emblematic and beautiful buildings in Madrid, not only for its location but also for its architecture and the artistic treasures to be found in its rooms. The façades of the palace measure 130 meters long and 33 meters high with 870 windows and 240 balconies opening on to the facades and courtyard. It has a surface area of 100,000 square meters with 44 stairways and more than 30 principal rooms.

Plaza Mayor Metro: Sol or Opera The best known plaza in Madrid, this impressive square is now one of the main stops on any tourist visit. Originally built outside the city walls, this square has played host to bullfights, markets, symphonies, tournaments and executions. The statue of Felipe III sits in the middle across from the beautifully painted Casa de la Panadería, the former headquarters of the bakers guild. One of the access to the square is Arco de Cuchilleros, beautiful stairs down. Near Plaza Mayor, is Mercado San Miguel (Saint Michael Market), built in 1913 and full of a wide range of high quality food.

Puerta del Sol Metro: Sol This plaza is the "heart" of Madrid and one of the busiest places in the city. On the north side of the plaza there is a famous statue of an ''oso'' (bear) climbing the ''madroño'' tree, which is the symbol of Madrid. Also in Sol, just in front of the Capital building of the community of Madrid, is Kilometer Zero, a plaque showing the point where the measuring of national highways begins. Both the bear statue, and Km. Zero are common meeting spots for friends. The giant neon ''Tío Pepe'' sign above the plaza is also a famous fixture of this area. New Year’s celebrations are broadcast from Sol every year with the ringing of the clock bringing in the new year.
Atocha RENFE (Metro: Atocha RENFE) A large train station across the street from the Reina Sofia Museum of Art. The interesting thing about it is the palm garden inside the old building, complete with a pond full of small turtles. It also hosts the access to the March 11th Memorial. It's free, and very much worth visiting.
El Retiro Park Metro: Retiro, Ibiza or Atocha The main of Madrid, the perfect place to take a rest during a sunny day, or take part in the drum circles around the statue of Alphonso XII on summer evenings. There is a large boating lake where one can hire a rowing boat - great fun for the children! There is a monument to the victims of the Madrid 3/11 terrorist bombings, the ''Forest of the Absent'', and the ''Crystal Palace'', a large structure entirely made of glass. Sunday afternoons in summer are a treat in the park, where young hippies play bongos and dance.
Catedral de la Almudena This massive cathedral faces the Palacio Real. Finished in the end of 20th century, it is where the Princes of Asturias Felipe and Letizia were married in 2004.
Gran Vía Metro: Gran Via, Callao, Plaza de España, Banco de España Literally, "Broadway", Gran Via is one of the busiest avenues in Madrid, what you could call the main street of Madrid, and the location of the cinema district. The Gran Via is very similar to Times Square in New York City. Gran Via has a constant buzz of traffic and life. 3-4am early morning traffic jams are not unusual.
Plaza de Cibeles Metro: Banco de España Houses one of Madrid's emblems, the fountain of Cibeles, and one of the world's most beautiful city hall, the former ''Palacio de las Comunicaciones''.
Parque del Capricho Metro: Capricho Along the Retiro Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid. Built in 1797-1839, it has a strong Romanticism influence. Declared as an Historic Garden, its lakes with swans and ducks, laberints, palaces, sqwares and fountains makes this a delicious place.
Plaza de España Metro: Plaza de España Contains a sculpture of Cervantes and his famous Don Quixote and Sancho Panza characters.
La Casa de Campo Metro: Lago, Casa de Campo, Batan The park at the rear of the Palacio Real which used to belong to the Royal family. Much of the park has been taken to smaller activity parks such as the Zoo but in general it's peaceful. From Moncloa you can take a ''teleferico'' across into the park.

The main Square during Middle Age, as Calle Mayor (High Street) was the main street as well. It houses the former City Hall, the former Academy of Fine Arts and the Archbishopric. It is well worth it to visit it around.
Zoo Aquarium Madrid Metro: Casa de Campo - Watch the Dolphin show. Enjoy the Bird show.
Royal Theatre Plaza de Oriente Metro :  After thirty-two years of planning and construction, a Royal Order on 7 May 1850 declared the immediate termination of the "Orient Theatre" and the building works are finished within five months.
The Opera House, located just in front of the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Queen who ordered thstruction of the theatre (Opera Theater), Isabel II, was finally inaugurated on 10 October 1850.
Outer Madrid : Royal Palace of El Pardo A little village in the municipality of Madrid (8 km. from the city center, connected by bus) and close of "Palacio de la Zarzuela" (residence of the King of Spain, no visits allowed), surrounded by mountains and the location of the "Palacio de El Pardo" (El Pardo Palace), Franco′s residence between 1940 until his death (1975). It was a former residence of the Kings of Spain.

Flamenco Shows : Corral de la Moreria , One of the most famous flamenco ''tablaos'' in the world. It′s right in the heart of the city, and you can enjoy a full fledged Spanish meal while you watch performances by renowned international flamenco music and dance artists.

Concert Venues :
Sala Heineken Princesa : National touring acts for rock and pop music.
La Riviera Paseo Bajo de la Virgen Metro:Another large venue for touring rock and pop bands.
Gruta 77 Calle Cuclillo 6 Metro:  Concerts everyday; pop, rock, punk
Classical & opera :
Spanish National Orchestra : Performs every Fri, Sat and Sun at the '''Auditorio Nacional''' on Calle Principe de Vergara. The Auditorio Nacional is also the main concert venue for the symphonic concerts of the Community of Madrid Orchestra and the Madrid symphony Orchestra and the main venue for touring classical artists and orchestras.
Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) The main opera theatre in Madrid.
Teatro de la Zarzuela : The Spanish version of the Operetta (Zarzuela) is performed here.
Orquesta de Radio Televisión Española : Performs every Thu and Fri at the '''Teatro Monumental''' on Calle Atocha.

Sports : Football : Three teams from Madrid play in La Liga (Spain's premier division). The matches between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid are known as "El Derbi Madrileño" (English: Madrid Derby).    Bullfighting : Las Ventas Bullring Metro: The birth place of bullfighting. Unless you find this spectacle distasteful, this is a must see if you visit Madrid during the bullfighting season (May, during ''San Isidro''). Tickets may nevertheless be expensive and hard to get for the more important ''corridas''. Anyway, it usually is used as a venue for shows and concerts.   Basketball :There are two major teams, Estudiantes and Real MadridTennis : Madrid Tennis Master 1000 Camino de Perales Metro: San Fermin - Orcasur; Bus numbers 23 - 78 - 123  Held in mid-May at La Caja Mágica.  

Movies and film : There are a number of cinemas offering American and British films in English (along with films in other languages). These original films are denoted in the listings by a designation of "V.O." which stands for versión original. Cinemas in Madrid will sometimes have días del espectador (viewer days) with cheaper ticket prices, usually on Mondays or Wednesdays. Some of the V.O.

Madrid Flights & Airports :  Madrid Barajas International Airport ( MAD), is located 13km from the Puerta del Sol. It has 4 terminals. Madrid is a very major airport and is serviced by many dozens of airlines. Two smaller airports, Torrejón and Cuatro Vientos, also serve the city, however, there are no commercial flights coming in or out of these two airports.

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