Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages

  • Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages
  • Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages
  • Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages
  • Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages
  • Berne Hotels , Flights and Travel Packages

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Berne , (German: Bern), the capital of Switzerland, is a small to medium sized city with a population of about 130,000 in the city proper and roughly 350'000 in the agglomeration area. It sits on a peninsula formed by the meandering turns of the river Aare. The remarkable design coherence of the Berne's old town has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It features 4 miles of arcaded walkways along streets decked out with fountains and clock-towers. Berne is full of history and museums. It also has quite a bit of public art, all of which is marked on a walking map which is available from the tourist office in the train station for free.

Berne Landmarks & Popular attractions :

Berne Historical Museum : Switzerland's second largest historic museum, combining under one roof one of the country's most important ethnographic collections together with the Bernese historical collections from prehistory to the present day.
Bundeshaus (Federal Palace of Switzerland) : The Swiss House of Parliaments is a representative building dominating the Square. Constructed by the end of 19th century. Free guided tour when the Parliament is not in session.
Einsteinhaus Kramgasse : .Albert Einstein rented this small flat with his wife during his years working at the Swiss patent office. Their first child, Hans Albert, and the special and general theories of relativity were born here, where Einstein's writing desk overlooked the busy street and its lovely clock-tower. There are numerous photos and original documents from Einstein's life, work, and speeches.
Invasion of Berne : As you explore, you may notice these small alien graffiti mosaics. GAME NOT OVER was declared by the anonymous (Parisian) artist "Invader" in 1998.
Kunstmuseum (Museum of fine Arts) : The Museum of Fine Arts Berne is known for its collection of works of painters such as Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Hodler and Meret Oppenheim. It is the oldest art museum in Switzerland with a permanent collection and houses works covering eight centuries.
Swiss Alpine Museum : A museum showing the full variety of the Swiss mountains.
Tierpark Dählhölzli (Zoo) : Berne's zoo is located along the Aare river, with many outdoor enclosures that actually integrate the river.

Things to Do in Berne :

Bear Pits Opening hours: Berne is inseparably linked with bears. According to legend the city’s founder, Duke Berchtold V von Zähringen, named the city after the first animal to be caught here. The saga lives on in the form of the real-live bears in the Bear Pits and the heraldic bear in the Bernese coat of arms.
Gurten : The Gurten is a lovely hill just outside the city. It features a park and great view over the city on one side and a nice panorama of the Bernese alps on the other. The park is visited heavily by locals to play ball, to barbecue or to just lie in the sun. Tourists are not an unusual sight, though this little attraction is missed by most of the many that visit the city. Hiking paths lead in all directions and you will almost certainly stumble across some cows when walking around.
Rosengarten : Little park with a splendid view over the old town. Situated close to the bear pits (follow the path that goes up the hill opposite the bear-pit-roundabout. Quite popular (and populated) during lunchtime.
SC Bern : The SCB is Berne's ice-hockey team. The stadium is the second largest in Europe and is regularly sold out, producing an impressive atmosphere in the arena.
Swimming in the river Aare : On hot summer days, let yourself drift for some kilometers in the river Aare. Good (and safe) stretches are between the Kornhausbridge and the public pool of the Lorraine (old fashioned swimming pool just next to the river) and between the Eichholz and the public pool of the Marzili. Other stretches such as swimming the bend around the old town (starting at the "Englische Anlagen" to the Lorraine) or the "Bremgartenschlaufe" are only to be done by good swimmers accompanied by experienced locals.
Tramdepot : Just next to the bear pits you'll find the tram depot, the old final station of Berne's first tramway. The building now houses the town's most popular brewpub, and the tourist office, with free shows on the city's history at regular intervals.

Events :
Gurtenfestival :  the Gurten hill is host for an open air festival with many national and international music acts. During these four days you will find a party crowd of up to 25'000 people on the hill day and night.

International Jazzfestival Bern : A jazz festival with international reputation is held in Berne every year since 1976.
Buskers Bern : Since a few years the annual street musician festival is taking place in the picturesque old town streets. You don't need to buy a ticket but are encouraged to buy a festival pin or give donations to the musicians which come from all around the world.

Berne Flights & Airports : Berne international airport  is the main point of arrival , with direct flights from Munich, Barcelona and Paris as well as several seasonal destinations in Europe lies just a few kilometers south of the city.  Berne is connected to Zurich Airport in 74-78 minutes by IC train routes St. Gallen - Winterthur - Zürich Hbf - Berne - Genève Aéroport or Romanshorn - Winterthur - Zürich Hbf - Berne - Brig .

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