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  • Kuwait Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Kuwait Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Kuwait Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Kuwait Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages

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Kuwait is a country in the Middle East. It is located at the head of the Arabian Gulf, with Iraq to the north and west, and Saudi Arabia to the southwest. There are quite a few things to do in Kuwait City. It is possible to have lunch or dinner in the Kuwait towers (the three towers by the sea with water storage). It is worthwhile to take a tour of the Grand Mosque in Kuwait, just kindly ask the security guard in front of the entrance to the mosque. Across the street from the Grand Mosque is the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, which seems to be open to the public. While in Kuwait it is also crucial to smoke Shisha at a cafe in Kuwait. There are also quite a few great restaurants with Iranian, Lebanese, and Bedouin foods. To escape the intense heat of the Middle East, visit the Aqua Park near the Kuwait Towers - offers a variety of modern rides and pools.  One can also walk along many of the well-kept sidewalks that line the coast of Kuwait. At dusk, it's ideal to sit on a bench across from the Sharq Mall and watch the sun set on the Arabian Sea. Buy yourself a cheap sack of nuts or bagful of olives from the souq in the fish market and relax.  Fitness fanatics and the health conscious have several options to get engaged with exclusive fitness center in and around Kuwait City. Some of the best health clubs and gyms are attached to hotels like the Palms, SAS Radisson, Hilton etc. There are also stand alone spas and fitness centers. Elysium, Flex, Spa time and Ayurmana are a few of the highly top fitness centers in Kuwait. Ayurmana also has a highly rated Exclusive Yoga Studio for women and Ayurveda Center .

Golf  : The golf course "Sahara Club" is located near the Hunting and Equestrian club beside 6th ring road. It features a five star restaurant and a spa.
Swimming and diving : Swimming is allowed on various public beaches along the Gulf Street. Women in swimwear are rare and might offend locals. The beach resorts as Radisson SAS and Palms offer beaches to both genders but will charge. Many of the big hotels and spas have reasonably sized pools.
Boating Sailing and scuba diving :  are available. Powerboating is a Kuwaiti passion. Contact any of the hotels located on the beach and they can arrange a trip for you. The best beach front hotels are the Hilton Resort, Movenpick Resort, Marina Hotel and the Radisson SAS.
Shopping in Malls : The largest mall in Kuwait is The Avenues on 5th ring road behind road 60. It is one of the largest malls in whole middle-east and features a lot of clothing and electronics stores as well as a Carrefour and an Ikea. Furthermore it offers the best cinematic experience in Kuwait with VIP theatres with massaging reclining seats and a personal butler. Other popular malls include Marina Mall (Salmiya), Souq Sharq (Sharq), 360 mall (includes a 3D IMax cinema, located in Jinoob al Surra between 6th ring road and road 50) and Al-Kout Mall (Fahaheel) which is famous for its orchestra musical fountains.
Shopping on Markets Regardless of the growing amount of malls Kuwait still hosts a lot of small markets.

Failaka Island take : KPTC ferry from Ras Al Salmiya (Ras al Ardh) near scientific center or private speedboat near Marina Mall . Failaka Island can be reached by regular ferry services. There are also some Bronze Age and Greek archaeological sites well worth viewing, including the island's Greek temple. Failaka Island was named Ikarus by the Greeks who, under Alexander the Great, established an outpost in the island.
Al Jahra city latitude : Traditional-style boums and sambuks (boats) are still built in Al Jahrah, although, nowadays, vessels are destined to work as pleasure boats rather than pearl fishing or trading vessels.
Mina Al Ahmadi latitude : Mina Al Ahmadi, lying 19km (12 miles) south of Kuwait City, is an oil port with immense jetties for supertanker traffic. The Oil Display Centre pays homage to the work of the Kuwait Oil Company (Reservations needed)
Kazmah desert cliffs :  Being one of the few elevations in the Kuwaiti desert these cliffs allow a good view on the bay if the visibility is good. A lot of young Kuwaitis come here on weekends to challenge their Jeeps and Quads uphill.
Desert : although the city keeps growing Kuwait is still largely a vast and uninhabited desert. Going away from the city many roads will take you to places where there is nothing but sand and sand. Certainly this isn't the excitement you'd look for every weekend it's still a nice experience once

Kuwait Cities :
Kuwait City - the capital
Jahrah - 30 minutes northwest of Kuwait City by car
Ahmadi- 30 minutes
Hawalli - 20 minutes
Mubarak Al Kaber

 Kuwait Flights & Airports : Kuwait International Airport (KWI) is Kuwait's only airport and is served by several airlines, mostly flying within the Middle East. The national airline, Kuwait Airways, serves New York City,London,Paris,Frankfurt,Geneva,Rome,Kuala Lumpur as well as several other European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern destinations . Low-cost carrier Jazeera Airways or premium airline Wataniya Airways  provides a welcome alternative. Alternatives for long-haul flights include British Airways from London, United Airlines from Washington, D.C., Lufthansa from Frankfurt, KLM from Amsterdam, Singapore Airlines from Singapore, Thai Air from Bangkok and Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, plus connections through other large Gulf hubs (Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, etc) are accessible through Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airlines, Gulf Air and many other airlines, There are also some airlines that operate seasonal flights to Kuwait including Malaysia Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Bulgaria Air and Czech Airlines.

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