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Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries in Northern Europe, with a population of about 9,3 million. It borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark via the bridge of Öresund (Öresundsbron). The Baltic Sea lies to the east of Sweden, as well as the Gulf of Bothnia, which separates Sweden from most of Finland. Sweden is great for outdoor life - skiing, skating, hiking, canoeing, cycling and berry-picking depending of season. Stockholm and Gothenburg have great nightlife and shopping opportunities. Most cities have well-preserved pre-industrial architecture. Swedish weather is best during the summer (late May to early September). If you like snow, go to Norrland or Dalarna in November to April. Be aware that daylight varies greatly during the year. In Stockholm, the sun sets at 3 PM in December. North of the Arctic Circle one can experience the midnight sun and Arctic night. However, even at Stockholm's latitude, summer nights exist only in the form of prolonged twilight during June and July. The major holidays are Easter, Midsummer (celebrated from the eve of the Friday between June 19 - 25), Christmas (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are all considered holidays), and the "industrial vacation" throughout July. Expect closed establishments, heavy traffic (for the holidays) and crowded tourist resorts (for July).Note that most Swedish holidays are celebrated on the day before (Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve etc), while Swedish people do hardly anything on the holiday proper.

Sweden is a land of incredible contrast. Home to a vast array of landscapes - from the dense pine forests and craggy mountains of the north, to the rolling hills and glossy golden beaches of the south.  The seven major cities, which include Malmö, Gothenburg and the capital, Stockholm - each have their own distinct character, compelling histories and wildly varying architectural styles. Despite these differences, urban Sweden tends to be stylish, modern and sophisticated, while the countryside offers simpler pleasures for those in search of peace and tranquility. Perhaps the most surprising of the cities though, is the southern port of Malmö, which belying its unfairly grim reputation, is now one of Sweden’s liveliest destinations. Thanks in part to the Öresund Bridge that links it to the Danish capital, Copenhagen, Sweden’s third city has undergone a real renaissance and is well worth a visit if you’ve got time.
Much of Sweden is forested, and there are thousands of lakes, including the large stretches of water between Gothenburg and Stockholm. The border with Norway is home to the spectacular Scandinavian mountain chain, while in the far north you’ll find wonderfully bleak Arctic tundra – here it’s possible to see the Northern Lights. The south, meanwhile, is dominated by emerald forest, the cerulean waters of the Gulf of Bothnia and the jagged Baltic coastline. Of all the lovely spots in Sweden though, the awe-inspiring panoramas of the Stora Sjöfallet National Park take some beating. Part of the UNESCO-listed Laponian region of northern Sweden, the park’s majestic waterfalls, soaring peaks and crowded clumps of fir trees make it one of the country’s greatest natural treasures.

Sweden Cities & Attractions :
Stockholm - The capital, spread out over a number of islands.
Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) - On the west coast.
Linköping - The 5th most populous city of Sweden. University city.
Kiruna - a mining town in Lappland, and the northernmost city in Sweden.
Luleå - Industrial city in northern Norrland, with a technical university.
Malmö - Down south, not far from the Danish capital Copenhagen.
Umeå - University city in Norrland.
Uppsala - lively pretty old university city. Fourth largest city in Sweden.
Örebro - Old shoe manufacturing center, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.
Åre - One of Sweden's largest ski resorts, with 44 lifts.
Esrange - A rocket launching facility near Kiruna.
Gotland - Sweden's largest island, as well as the largest island of the Baltic Sea, situated in the Baltic Sea. Its capital Visby is on UNESCO's World's heritage list. It's a common vacation spot for Swedes from the mainland.
Kebnekaise - Sweden's highest mountain surrounded by vast wilderness areas and a popular trail to Abisko National Park.

Sweden Flights & Airports : Major airports:
Stockholm Arlanda  - serves most major airlines. Check the Stockholm page for information on transfer between the airport and Stockholm City.
Göteborg Landvetter  - serves several international airlines and provides convenient bus transfer (~20 min) to central Gothenburg.
Copenhagen Kastrup (Denmark)  - serves most major airlines. Located on an island between Copenhagen and Malmö and is ideal for travelling in southern Sweden. Train connections leave from the airport to both cities.
Stockholm Skavsta  - airport for low fares airlines like Ryanair and Wizzair . Located quite a distance (about 100 km) from Stockholm, near the town of Nyköping.
Stockholm Västerås - international flights to/from Copenhagen and London. Also about 100 km from Stockholm.
Göteborg City Airport - situated just 14 kilometers from central Gothenburg, this airport is used by Ryanair, Wizzair and Germanwings .
Malmö-Sturup - serves domestic flights and low fares flights. Located about 30 km from Malmö.

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