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  • Poland Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Poland Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Poland Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Poland Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Poland Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages

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Poland  (Polish: Polska), is a large country in Central Europe. It has a long Baltic Sea coastline and is bordered by Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast), Slovakia, and Ukraine. Poland is one of Europe's most underrated countries, Poland offers a huge amount for travellers of all stripes - from the wild scenery of its mountainous south, with its great skiing and hiking, to the stunning Old Towns of Cracow, Zamość and Gdańsk and the wilderness of the Białowieża National Park and the Great Masurian Lakes in the country's north. Modernising and changing fast, the Polish capital, Warsaw, was almost totally destroyed during WWII, when it was home to Europe's most notorious ghetto. Today the city is a combination of Soviet and contemporary, with a painstakingly recreated Old Town and an upbeat, progressive population. Yet most tourists head straight for the country's biggest draw, Cracow, the country's royal capital and a stunningly preserved architectural marvel that has somehow managed to survive the many wars that have seen Poland used as a battleground. Its scores of notable churches, monasteries and abbeys make it a jewellery box of Gothic and Renaissance, and a walk through Cracow’s Old Town, included on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1978, is like a walk back in time.

Poland is a nation with a proud cultural heritage, in all spheres. Poland's scenic beauty is as varied as it is extraordinary. The Baltic coast has some excellent sandy beaches, as well as the Słowiński National Park with its ethereal forests, bogs and sand dunes. In the country's northeast are the Great Masurian Lakes, a playground for boat enthusiasts of all kinds with its hundreds of pristine lakes broken up by dense forest. The Cracow-Wielun Upland with its limestone areas, caves and medieval castles is another highlight, while perhaps most beautiful area of all is around the Carpathian Mountains in the far south. They make up the highest and largest mountain range in central Europe and form Poland's most scenic and rugged region. Their forests and snowy mountains are a magnet for hikers, skiers and cyclists. And because of its remoteness and relative inaccessibility over the centuries, this `forgotten corner' has been able to preserve its strong regional culture .

Poland Cities & Attractions : There are a lot of big cities in Poland that are worth seeing. Most of them have a flourishing medieval history.
Warsaw — the biggest city and capital of Poland, and one of the EU's thriving new business centers. The old town, demolished during World War II, has been rebuilt in a style inspired by classicist paintings of Canalletto. Nowadays, downtown Warsaw has a large panorama of glass skyscrapers.
Katowice — the largest city in Polish Silesia which is both an important commercial hub and a centre of culture.
Kraków — the "cultural capital" of Poland, and its historical capital during its formative years in the Middle Ages. In modern times Krakow became one of the largest tourism centers in Europe. The historical center is filled with old churches and many monuments, the largest European medieval market-place, and plenty of magical pubs and cafes; all attract millions of visitors from around the world each year. Its location is a great starting point for trips of any kind.
Łódź — once renowned for its textile industries, the "Polish Manchester" has the longest walking street in Europe, the Piotrkowska Street, full of picturesque 19th-century architecture.
Wrocław — the old Silesian city; it was also destroyed during World War II and successfully rebuilt. Placed on 12 islands, it has more bridges than any other European town except Venice, Amsterdam and Hamburg (which has more than the other two combined).
Poznan — the merchant city, considered to be the birthplace of the Polish nation and church (along with Gniezno). Presents a mixture of architecture from all epoques : from pre-romanesque to modern buildings. Vibrant night life and many historical monuments make it an interesting stop for tourists.
Gdańsk — one of the old, beautiful European cities, right on the Baltic coast. Although it was destroyed in World War II, it has been perfectly rebuilt. The city is a good departure point to the many sea resorts along the north coast.
Szczecin — one of the most important cities in Pomerania since the Middle Ages. An enormous harbour, monuments and old parks in the centre, museums, etc.

Other Destinations : Poland is home to no less than 23 national parks .
Auschwitz — German Nazi Concentration Camp - while occupying Poland, the German Nazis established the concentration camp in 1940 for Polish prisoners. From 1942 to 1945 it became the centre of the Holocaust on the European Jews.
Białowieża National Park — a huge area of ancient woodland straddling the border with Belarus which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bory Tucholskie National Park — national park in Kujawsko-Pomorskie protecting the Tucholskie Forests.
Karkonoski National Park — national park in the Sudetes around the Śnieżka Mountain (1602m) with beautiful waterfalls.
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska — monastery in the Beskids from 1600 with baroque Stations of the Cross
Malbork Castle — a beautiful huge Brick Gothic castle, the largest one in Europe.
Słowiński National Park — national park at the sea with the biggest dunes in Europe.
Wieliczka Salt Mine — the oldest still existing enterprise worldwide, founded more than 700 years ago. Once, it made the Polish kings very rich, as salt was the expensive white gold. 4.5 km of nearly 400 km of the mine can be visited. The tourist route shows the most beautiful halls and salt pieces of art made by the miners throughout the centuries.
Wielkopolski National Park — national park in Wielkopolskie protecting the wildlife of the Wielkopolskie Lakes.
Poland  Flights & Airports : Most of Europe's major airlines fly to and from Poland. Poland's national carriers are LOT Polish Airlines . Besides there are several low cost airlines that fly to Poland including WizzAir , EasyJet , Germanwings , Norwegian and Ryanair. International airlines fly mainly to Warsaw (WAW) . Other major airports in Poland are: Kraków (KRK), Katowice (KTW) , Gdańsk (GDN) , Poznań (POZ) , Wrocław (WRO) , Szczecin (SZZ), Rzeszów (RZE), Bydgoszcz (BZG) and Łódź (LCJ) .

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