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Norway : Hotels , Flights & Travel Packages

  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Norway Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages

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Norway (Norge) is the westernmost, northernmost - and in fact the easternmost - of the three Scandinavian countries, located in Scandinavia west of Sweden. Best known for the complex and deep fjords along its west coast, it stretches from the North Sea near Denmark and Scotland into the Arctic Ocean where it borders northern Finland and the northwestern tip of Russia. A great introduction to Norway is the one-day Norway trip from Oslo or Bergen into the mountains, with a boat trip through the fjords. You can break the trip at several interesting cabins for walking or just admiring the view, and even hire a mountain bike for part of the journey. Flåmsbana , a 20km railway trip along the way you'll see beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, and other beautiful sights on your way to the town of Flåm. Go on top of the nearest top/mountain. Just for the walk. And for the view.

Hiking : Norway has endless opportunties for hiking in its wide wilderness, from easy walks in Oslo's city forest to alpine climbing in Jotunheimen or Troms. A number of areas are protected as national parks, but most the country is equally attractive and available to the public. In Norway, travelers enjoy a right to access, which means it is possible to camp freely in most places for a couple of days, as long as you're not on cultivated land and provided you are at least 150 m away from houses and farm buildings. Don't leave any traces and take your rubbish away for recycling.

Skiing : Both cross country and alpine skiing are popular sports in the winter, and the largest areas, Trysil,Hafjell or Hemsedal for example, compete well with the Alps. Telemark is also a nice area to ski in. (The birth place of cross country ski.) Voss, Geilo and Oppdal are other major ski resorts. Around Oslo there is large park ideal for cross-country skiing. In Stryn, at Galdhøpiggen and at Folgefonna there alpine ski centres that are open in summer only (May-September), offering unique opportunities for alpine skiing in T-shirt and short pants.

Cycling : In Norway, you can rent, virtually everywhere, a bicycle. Cycling routes exist usually near bigger cities .  Some roads and tunnels are forbidden for cyclists as they are life-threatening.

Norway Cities & Attractions :
Oslo - the capital and largest city of Norway, with museums of national importance, a beautiful setting and lively nightlife and cultural scene.
Bergen - Once the capital of Norway, old Hanseatic trading center with a rich culture and dramatic scenery, Norway's second largest city. Wonderfully cute wooden buildings, a magnificent mountain setting and tons of nightlife and atmosphere make Bergen the most enjoyable city in Norway. This is your gateway to the western fjords. The city has been dubbed "the rainiest city in Europe" with an average of 250 days of rainfall a year. Bring an umbrella.
Bodø - The gateway to the magnificent Lofoten islands. And the place of Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest maelstrom.
Drammen - Once known as industrial and grimy, but recent refurbishing has made Drammen an enjoyable side trip from Oslo.
Fredrikstad - A magnificent old town stands out from the rest of the rather nondescript city. Brilliant as a day trip from Oslo.
Kristiansand - The jolly capital of the South.
Stavanger - The fourth largest city, and the third largest urban area. Commercially important due to the oil business. The wooden, cobbled central area is one of the most charming places in Norway. Home to one of Norway's medieval churches, you can also visit Iron Age homes, stone age caves, and sites where the Viking kings used to meet at Ullandhaugtårnet. Stavanger is where Erik the Red was born.
Tromsø - A magnificent, modern cathedral and absolutely no polar bears roaming the streets.
Trondheim - Famous for its stunning cathedral (Nidarosdomen). Wonderful riverside wharfs, wooden buildings and the best student nightlife in Norway give beautiful, leafy Trondheim its charm.

Other Destinations :
Atlanterhavsveien - "The most beautilful road in the world". A unique road connected whit spectacular bridges surrounded by the wilderness of the atlantic ocean.
Ålesund - A splendid Art Nouveau centre in the very western coast of Norway
Geirangerfjord - Part of the Storfjorden, with perhaps the most stunning fjord landscape in western Norway. The fjord is on the UN's list of World Heritage places
Jostedalsbreen - The largest glacier on the european mainland.
Jotunheimen - A majestic landscape and home of Norway's highest mountains.
Lillehammer - Picturesque 1994 Winter Olympics site
Lofoten - Experience the midnight sun in this traditional fishing district in the northern province with islands and mountains.
Nordkapp - This cliff is the northernmost point of continental Europe. Excelent place to experience the midnight sun.
Sognefjorden - Glaciers, mountains and picturesque towns are but a few of the sights on the Sognefjord. Flåm and Nærøyfjorden (also a UNESCO World Heritage site) are parts of the mighty Sognefjorden system.
Røros Old UNESCO protected mining town.

Norway Flights & Airports :

** Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) :  is the biggest airport in the country and the main international hub, and is located 60 km north of Oslo and is served by many major international and all domestic airlines.

** Sandefjord Lufthavn, Torp  (TRF) : is located just north of Sandefjord, 115 km to the south of Oslo, and is Ryanair's destination airport in Oslo.
** Moss Airport, Rygge (RYG) : recently opened and located 60km south of Oslo carries many flights by Norwegian that can be comparably cheaper than flying into Gardermoen.
** Stavanger airport, Sola  : has scheduled flights to/from London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Krakow, Madrid, Nice and some other European cities. The cheapest alternative tends to be Norwegian,
** Bergen Airport, Flesland : has scheduled flights to/from major European cities as London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw and other cities.
** Trondheim  : can be reached by direct flights from severeal European cities, notably Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen.
** Tromsø : From the United Kingdom there are direct flights from London Gatwick with Norwegian Air Shuttle twice every week. Nordavia Regional Airlines also operates a flight between Tromso and Murmansk in Russia.

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