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  • Czech Republic Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Czech Republic Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Czech Republic Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Czech Republic Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages
  • Czech Republic Hotels, Flights and Travel Packages

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The Czech Republic is a small landlocked country in Central Europe, situated south-east of Germany and bordering Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia (with which it used to form one country of Czechoslovakia) to the south-east. The Czech Republic is a historic jewel at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic packs a sizeable punch for a small country; from its fairytale castles and medieval towns, to elegant spa resorts and scenic national parks. This is also the birthplace of some of the world's finest beer. The Czech Republic’s capital is the culture-filled Prague, whose imposing castle is the centre piece. Easy daytrips from Prague include the spa resort of Karlovy Vary, Karlštejn and Konopiště castles, and the historic towns of Mělník and Kutná Hora. The Czech Republic is peppered with fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the picture-postcard town of Český Krumlov, and the Renaissance architecture of Telč. For natural beauty, try Šumava National Park, the weird and wonderful rock pinnacles of the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, and the spectacular caves and underground rivers of the Moravian Karst. The rich agricultural area of Moravia in the eastern half of the country offers rolling ranges of wooded hills and vineyards.

Places of attractions in The Czech Republic :

Hiking , Czech Republic has an excellent and sophisticated system of trail blazing, marked trails are about everywhere. Choose an area, buy a hiking map for the area (best brand is "Klub českých turistů", 1:50000 military based maps covering the whole country, available in most large bookstores) .

Swimming : Many places in the Czech Republic are great for swimming, and there are many designated public swimming areas (called koupaliště).  However, be aware that in hot weather the quality of the water in some places can fall below EU standard regulations.

Nudism/Naturism : Although the Czech Republic is a land-locked country, it does have a lot of nudist/naturist beaches near lakes. A full list  Full nudity on other beaches is legal, but rare, and usually only happens in non-crowded places.

Pub Crawl : There is a Pub Crawl that meets every night under the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square of Prague at 9:15. Its cheap and they take you to some cool pubs, bars and you end up at a night club. Its a really good way to see what the Prague night life is really like. Even in the off season.

Geocaching : Geocaching is a popular sport in the Czech Republic, there are thousands of caches both in the cities and in the country. Czech caches are listed on, the descriptions are often bilingual (Czech and English).

Chimney climbing : Czech Republic is one of the very few (if not the only) country to have an official chimney climbing association - "Svaz českých komínářů" or the "Union of Czech Chimney Climbers" - a state-registered civic organization of people who climb factory chimneys and cooling towers as a leisure activity and also take part in industrial architecture history documentation as well as chimney maintenance and preservation.

Prague, the capital with its incredible historic center (and famous monuments such as the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle). Member of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Olomouc, a vibrant university town with the second largest historic center after Prague. Member of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Český Krumlov - beautiful city with castle. Member of UNESCO.

CzechTek, the yearly freetekno party somewhere in Czech Republic.

The Macocha Caves, north of Brno, are definitely worth a visit. You can take a guided tour into the caves, which will take you through a myriad of winding tunnels, with close up views of stalactites and stalagmites. The tour ends with a boat ride on an underground river.

The Battle of Austerlitz - Slavkovské bojiště is one of the most important events in the history of Europe in the 19th century.

Technical museum in Brno (nice and modern)

Lakes under Palava (mountains). This lakes are actually river dams but good for sailing and fishing (you must have fishing licence) it's full of big fishs.

Mikulčice archaeological site, site of the former capital of the Great Moravian Empire (c. 900 AD).
The Czech Republic Cities :These are just nine interesting cities selected to represent variety of Czech urban areas. For more exciting destinations, see the individual regions.
Prague (Praha) - the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Its large and beautiful historic center is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Brno: Largest city in Moravia with several excellent museums. The Moto GP Grand Prix takes place here every year.
Ostrava - Third-largest city in the Czech Republic with a vibrant local subculture and long history of coal mining and heavy industry. The old steelworks and coal mines are not everybody’s idea of a tourist destination but it is a fascinating and unique landscape which is accessible on guided tours. Hard hats supplied.
Olomouc - A vibrant riverside university town with a 1000 year history and the second-largest historical centre in the Czech Republic. Olomouc’s rich collection of historical architecture includes the UNESCO-listed column of the Holy Trinity, six stone baroque fountains, several churches and the renaissance town hall with a 15metre high astronomical clock. Bouzov and Helfštýn castles are nearby.
Český Krumlov - Beautiful old town in South Bohemia with the country's second biggest chateau.
Kutna Hora - Historical town with famous St. Barbora cathedral, old silver mines and the Chapel of All Saints, which is decorated with thousands of human bones
Karlovy Vary aka "Carlsbad", historic (and biggest Czech) spa resort, especially popular with German and Russian tourist groups
Pilsen (Plzeň) - Home of the original Pilsner Urquell beer, and the largest city in West Bohemia
Telc - A small South Moravian town with a perfectly preserved Renaissance town centre which is surrounded by shallow man made lakes. The town square is surrounded by an arched walkway and colourful two-storey renaissance houses. The chateau and Church of St James are open to the public and its possible to hire rowboats from the lakeside in the warmer months.

Other Destinations :
Bohemian Paradise: (Český Ráj) A region of towering rock formations and isolated castles located north-east of Prague. The gateway city of Jičín is an interesting destination in its own right, but Turnov is closer to most of the castles and rock formations. The twin towers of the ruined castle Trosky are a symbol of the area and can be climbed for the views
Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou: A small town circa 50 km from Jihlava (towards Znojmo) with the Baroque Castle and Church of St. Margaret
Karlštejn Castle and the holy cave monastery: Hiking trip to the famous castle as well as an off the beaten track monastery
Krkonoše: (Giant Mountains) The highest mountains in the Czech Republic along the Polish border. Most popular Czech skiing resorts are situated here, such as Špindlerův Mlýn, however considered overpriced by locals...
Litomyšl: A beautiful small town in East Bohemia. The renaissance main square and chateau are among the Czech Republic’s prettiest and the town has been home to many important and influential artists, including composer Bedřich Smetana, sculptor Olbram Zoubek and painter Josef Váchal. There are two international opera festivals at the chateau each year.
Moravský Kras: Extensive karst area between Brno and Olomouc with the deepest abyss in the country and, in the Punkevní Caves, the opportunity to take a boat ride along an underground river.
Mutěnice Wine Region: Some of the best vineyards in the Czech Republic and totally off the well beaten tourist path
Nové Město na Moravě : Cross country skiing resort. The race of Tour de Ski takes place here.
Terezín: A red-brick baroque fortress 70km north of Prague beside the Ohře river. It was used during WWII as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp.

The Czech Republic Flights & Airports :  Ruzyně Airport – located about 10 km west of the centre of Prague, (Praha in Czech), is a hub of Czech national carrier – Czech Airlines (ČSA), a SkyTeam member. Other international airports are in Brno (with flights to London, Moscow, Barcelona and Prague), Ostrava (flights to Vienna and Prague), Pardubice, Karlovy Vary (flights to Moscow and Uherské Hradiště).

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